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A Healthy Sense Of Pride In Who You Are

It should not be a controversial statement to believe that everyone should have a healthy sense of pride in who one is. To be sure, there is plenty of disagreement that can take place over what involves a healthy sense … Continue reading

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Book Review: Teach Yourself Afrikaans

Teach Yourself Afrikaans:  Complete Course For Beginners, by Helena Van Schalkwyk As someone who has read several books in this series [1], the general pattern of this work was certainly familiar to me.  If you have read any of these … Continue reading

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Book Review: Afrikaans-English / English- Afrikaans Dictionary

Afrikaans-English / English- Afrikaans Dictionary, by Jan Kromhout One of the joys in being a fan of many languages is that it can be a joy to see how languages are sometimes very similar and very different.  To be sure, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Britain And Boer Independence

Britain And Boer Independence, by Edouard Naville This book is certainly the effort of a sincere man, and the fact that it was published by the British suggests that it was written with the approval of the British imperial authorities … Continue reading

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