An Introduction To The Core Curriculum Project

Because I never have too many projects to be working on simultaneously, I thought it would be worthwhile to begin a series that discusses the difference between core and periphery matters by looking at a lot of material that serves the same purpose.  While I was discussing the music of Styx, I had the idea of reviewing three of their best-of collections (of which there are many) and this led to the idea in seeing of there was for Styx and other groups a core set of music that everyone agreed was of vital importance as well as a periphery of music that was recognized to lesser degree.  Is it possible that by combining the information of various best-of collections together that one might come to a determination of what is considered to be a consensus of what is the most important music of a group.  This is especially true of legacy groups that have a lot of best-of compilations that are on the market, as some artists have only one collection by, by default, is the definitive one.

This does not only apply to best-of collections of songs, though.  As a lifelong member of the Church of God tradition, I have become familiar with a wide variety of hymns that are sung, and it would be possible to determine based on a comparative examination of hymnals what songs are viewed as “core” songs across time and across various organizations within the larger Church of God tradition and what songs are more peripheral.  From this we might determine the writers and material that has the most general and widespread appeal and that which appears to only a certain segment of the larger culture as a whole.  Similarly, one might approach a variety of textbooks on American history, for example, or any other subject, and to see which materials are given treatment most consistently throughout the books and which subjects are left up to the whims of the textbook writer.  It is interesting to note the divide that exists between consensus picks and that which is more peripheral or of more idiosyncratic interest.

So, with that in mind I would like to start a progress where I look at various subjects through a syntopcial [1] perspective that seeks to examine that which is included in a wide variety of perspectives and that which is narrowly based on only a few perspectives.  We will, of course, begin with a musical history perspective when it comes to legacy rock & roll acts, but we will continue this to other areas as time and interest permit.  As always, if you have a particular subject you would like to see examined in this way, please let me know.

Core Curriculum:  Legacy Rock & Roll Acts

Bryan Adams

[1] See, for example:

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