The Six Degrees Of Train

Having written before about the band Train [1], I felt it worthwhile to comment that even if the band has often been hated by music critics, especially after their successful comeback album Save Me, San Francisco, I have always appreciated the band.  It is also worth noting that this particular post was also inspired by another post in which I looked at the massive connections of a relatively new but immensely connected rapper in DaBaby [2].  As a result, I think this is a series I would like to expand upon, looking at how even a band with relatively few direct connections themselves can still be closely tied to a wide variety of artists.  Train might not be cool to like for many people, but they are deeply connected within the music business as a whole.  Let us explore the Six Degrees of Train and see how this is the case.  As is the case before, only official releases that can be explored through wikipedia (because I am lazy and don’t have much time) are to be counted.  Let us begin:

First Degree Connections:

Ashley Monroe (through Bruises)
Marilou (through Bruises)
Cam (through Call Me Sir)
Travis McCoy (through Call Me Sir)
Skylar Grey (through Mai Tais)
Marsha Ambrosious (through Wonder What You’re Doing For The Rest Of Your Life)
Daryl Hall & John Oates (through Philly Forget Me Not)
Chiddy Bang (through Baby Roulette)

Second Degree Connections:

Through Ashley Monroe:

Pistol Annies (Ashley Monroe was a member of this group, also including Miranda Lambert and Angeleena Presley)
Ronnie Dunn (through I Don’t Want To)
Blake Shelton (through Lonely Tonight, Boys Round Here and Blue Christmas with Pistol Annies)
The Raconteurs (through Old Enough music video)
Ricky Skaggs (through Old Enough music video)
The Chieftains (through Pistol Annies’ Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies)
Jewel (through Pistol Annies’ duet on You Were Meant for Me, 2013 version)

Through Marilou:

Gino Quillico (through Je serai là pour toi)
Garou (through Tu es comme ça)
Merwan Rim (through French version of Danser sur la lune)

Through Cam:

Diplo (through So Long)

Through Travis McCoy:

Gym Class Heroes (which he was a member of)
Bruno Mars (through Billionaire)
Jason Mraz (through Rough Water)
Sia (through Golden)
Cobra Starship (through Snakes On A Plane (Bring It))
William Beckett (through Snakes On A Plane (Bring It))
Maja Ivarsson (through Snakes On A Plane (Bring It))
Kelly Rowland (through Daylight)
Tyga (through Coconut Juice)
Cassie Davis (through Differently)
Four Year Strong (through Fly)
Claudia Letite (through Famo$a)
Detail (through Tattoo Girl (Foreva))
Lil’ Wayne (through Tattoo Girl (Foreva))
T-Pain (through Tattoo Girl (Foreva) and I’ll Never Be)
Jessica Jarrell (through Up And Running)
Taio Cruz (through Higher)
Iyaz (through Pretty Girls)
Deuce (through I Came To Party)
Truth (through I Came To Party)
Stooshe (through Love Me)
Olly Murs (through Wrapped Up)
Jake Miller (through Dazed And Confused)
Brendon Urie (through Keep On Keeping On)
David Correy (through Matches)
Pink (through This Is How It Goes Down)
Mickey Factz (through Overdose)
Drake (through Overdose)
Fall Out Boy (through What A Catch, Donnie)
J.J. Brown (through Grand Groove)
Dezmatic (through Grand Groove)
Bring Me The Horizon (through Chelsea Smile)
Cheryl Cole (through Yeah Yeah)
Rich Hill (through Bad)
Livin (through When I Approach)
Joe Budden (through When I Approach)
The Saturdays (through The Way You Watch Me)
Tay Dizm (through I’ll Never Be)
Patrick Stump (through Gym Class Heroes’ Cupid’s Chokehold and Clothes Off!!)
Busta Rhymes (through Gym Class Heroes’ Peace Sign/Index Down)
The-Dream (through Gym Class Heroes’ Cookie Jar)
Estelle (through Gym Class Heroes’ Guilty As Charged)
Adam Levine (through Gym Class Heroes’ Stereo Hearts)
Neon Hitch (through Gym Class Heroes’ A** Back Home)
Ryan Tedder (through Gym Class Heroes’ The Fighter)
Oh Land (through Gym Class Heroes’ Life Goes On)

Through Skylar Grey:

Eminem (through Come On Let Me Ride, Kill For You, I Need A Doctor, and A**hole)
X Ambassadors (through Cannonball)
Fort Minor (through Where’d You Go)
Jonah Matranga (through Where’d You Go)
Bada**jackson (through Hero 2.0)
Diddy-Dirty Money (aka Puff Daddy, P.Diddy, etc.) (through Coming Home)
Dr. Dre (through I Need A Doctor)
Lupe Fiasco (through Words I Never Said)
Kaskade (through Room For Happiness and Beneath With Me)
David Guetta (through Shot Me Down and Rise)
Moby (through The Last Day)
Nicki Minaj (through Bed Of Lies)
Deadmau5 (through Beneath With Me)
Papa Roach (through Periscope)
Macklemore (through Glorious)
Elliott Taylor (through Held Up)
Travis Barker (through Back From The Dead)
Big Sean (through Back From The Dead)
Jaron Lowenstein (through Get What I Want)
Duncan Sheik (through And Now We Sing)
Apathy (through No Sad Tomorrow and Victim)
Mike Mass (through No Sad Tomorrow and Victim)
Caitlin Moe (through Something To Live For)
Jensen Reed (through Going Under)
Slaughterhouse (through Our House and Rescue Me) (through Love Bullets)
David Heartbreak (through Raindrops and Tonight)
The Partysquad (through Raindrops)
Kid Cudi (through Hero)
50 Cent (through Warning You)
T.I. (through New National Anthem)
Yelawolf (through Twisted)
Seeb (through Say You Love Me)
Jamie N Commons (through Runaway Train)
Gallant (through Runaway Train)

Through Marsha Ambrosious:

Floetry (of which she was a member, along with Natalie Stewart)
Ne-Yo (through Without You)
Dr. Dre (through Stronger, Genocide, All In A Day’s Work, Darkside/Gone, and Satisfaction)
The Game (through Start From Scratch, Why You Hate The Game, Hustlers, Sins of Our Fathers, and I Didn’t Want To Write This Song)
Busta Rhymes (through Get You Some)
Q-Tip (through Get You Some, etc.)
Hi-Tek (through Music For Life)
Nas (through Music For Life, etc.)
J Dilla (through Music For Life)
Common (through Music For Life)
Styles P (through I’m Black)
Freeway (through This Can’t Be Real, etc.)
Ya Boy (through Reunion)
Solange (through Wanna Go Back)
Jamie Foxx (through Freakin’ Me)
DJ Drama (through Yacht Music)
Willie The Kid (through Yacht Music)
Scarface (through Yacht Music)
Fabolous (through Stay)
Queen Latifah (through Take Me Away (With You))
Wale (through Dairy)
Masta Ace (through A’s and E’s)
Ed O.G. (through A’s and E’s)
Stat Quo (through Welcome Back)
John Regan (through All I Got To Give)
Saigon (through It’s Alright, etc.)
Saint Nick (through Streets Gone Love Me)
Tyga (through Light Dreams)
Currensy (through Take You There)
Kanye West (through The One)
Big Sean (through The One)
2 Chainz (through The One)
Talib Kweli (through It Only Gets Better)
Lee Mazin (through Material Things)
Robert Glaspar Experiment (through Trust)
Daley (through Alone Together)
King Los (through War)
Kendrick Lamar (through Genocide, etc.)
Candice Pillay (through Genocide)
Anderson Paak (through All In A Day’s Work, etc.)
King Mez (through Darkside/Gone)
Snoop Dogg (through Satisfaction)
Joe Budden (through Make It Through The Night)
Jadakiss (through Make It Through The Night)
T.I. (through Dope)
PJ (through Love Star)
Gold Link (through See I Miss, Part 2)
A Tribe Called Quest (through Melatonin)
Abbey Smith (through Melatonin)
Tech N9ne (through Anywhere)
Davion Farris (through No Chill)
Nipsey Hussle (through Real Big)
Dave East (through Grateful)
Royce da 5’9″ (through Outside)
Robert Glaspar (through Outside)
Mos Def (through Floetry’s WannaB Where U R (Thisizzaluvsong))
Kem (through Floetry’s Love Calls)

Through Darryl Hall & John Oates:

David Ruffin (through A Night at the Apollo Live! The Way You
Do the Things You Do/My Girl)
Eddie Kendricks (through A Night at the Apollo Live! The Way You
Do the Things You Do/My Girl
Elvis Costello (through The Only Flame In Town)
Jimmy Wayne (through Sara Smile)

Through Chiddy Bang:

Icona Pop (through Mind Your Manners)
You Me At Six (through Rescue Me)
VV Brown (through Children)
Olly Murs (through Heart Skips A Beat)
Outasight (through Shine)
Hoodie Allen (through Fame Is For A**holes)
Big Sean (through Too Fake)

As you can see, we are only at second degree connections and this has already gotten way out of hand even through Train only has eight first degree connections.  Even with that small of a group of people that they have directly collaborated with on officially credited songs, their second degree connections go well into a variety of genres, including country, rap/R&B, dance, French music, and rock.  Some of the biggest names in music are only one person away from Train, including such diverse artists like Dr. Dre, Eminem, Drake, Kanye West, Kentrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, country acts like Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, producers like Diplo and Seeb, dance acts like Moby, pop stars like Pink, Sia, Jason Mraz, and Brandon Urie, and post-grunge act Papa Roach.  All of these people are only separated by one common collaborator from Train, an act that some people might want to believe is rather marginal in the world of music but which is clearly not, as can easily be seen.  And DaBaby, who we explored last time, is only two people removed from Train through Nicki Minaj and Drake separately, making all of the obscure underground North Carolina rappers who had worked with him only four degrees removed from Train, something they likely would never remotely consider.  We are all far more connected than we know.

[1] See, for example:

[2] See, for example:

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