Six Degrees Of DaBaby

For those who are not aware, largely because they do not follow the contemporary music charts, DaBaby is a relatively new up and coming rapper who entered into mainstream success with his single Suge and has since proven himself to have an interest in hopping on everyone’s remixes, from a Lil Nas X remix for Panini [1] to a remix for Future & Drake’s Life is Good alongside similarly monikered Lil Baby.  Interestingly enough, DaBaby and Lil Baby have already performed together on several tracks, most notably but not only on the inevitably titled Baby but also as co-features on a song called Baby Shower as well as on DaBaby’s Toez and a song by Stunna 4 Vegas called “Do Dat.”  If you don’t like to see words get massacred this is going to be a long post.  At any rate, although DaBaby has only been in the public eye for about a year now, he has been rapping on features for at least three years and already has 82 singles, most of them with feature credits.  As a result, it is not hard at all to imagine a game where you try to figure out who is connected as close as possible to DaBaby.  The results, as you might guess, can be somewhat entertaining.

How does one go about playing a game like the Six Degrees of DaBaby.  First, one has to figure out all of the people that DaBaby has performed with (and I am limiting this to credited features).  Who has performed on credited features with DaBaby?  Well, a lot of people:

DJ Luke Nasty/Luke Nasty (Comin’ Over, Ready, I Did)
Chophouze (F***YouTalmBout Freestyle, Came From Nothing)
BlocBoy JB (Mini Van)
Str8Barz (Crazy)
Locx (I’m A Star)
Quality Control (Baby, Pink Toes)
Lil Baby (Baby, Baby Shower, Toes, Life Is Good (Remix), Do Dat)
Saint Vinci (Duck Sauce)
Offset (Baby Sitter)
Zaweso Del Patio (Gucci Bag Latina)
2Sober (Gucci Bag Latina, Coochie Bag, Bust It)
Jungle (Gucci Bag Latina)
Chxna (Coochie Bag)
NRG Rose (Coochie Bag)
20 Vision (Coochie Bag)
Tanya Stephens (Coochie Bag)
Lil Nas X (Panini (DaBaby Remix))
Future (Life Is Good (Remix))
Drake (Life Is Good (Remix))
Moonie Music (All I Ever Wanted)
Lil Jr (Struggle Baby)
Just Raven (Struggle Baby)
Zac Keelo (Litty City)
B. HIll (High Rollin’)
DJ Jayy Hawk (Ready)
Ricco Barrino (Ready)
Def Smove (Killa Cam)
Beach Bumz (Bank Roll)
Deejaytrap (Clubbin’)
Jxhines (Clubbin’)
Yung Reason (Clubbin’)
Ja’vee (Came From Nothing)
SKZIY (Hello)
D-Froz (No Time)
NewCharlotte Saint (Wait A Minute)
Gabby Dinero (Blue Strips)
Producer20 (Hotline)
Jayway Sosa (Hotline, Goin’ Live On Em, Wave)
IV Montana (Hotline)
Shawn Scrilla (Sing)
Jerry White (How They Gon Eat)
Stunna 4 Vegas (Animal, No Cap Zone, Ashley, Really, Sticks, Do Dat)
Loudpack Leaf (Juice)
Micmanordj (Goin’ Live On Em)
Kash Addison (Draco)
Str8 Cash Flowz (For The Team)
Eurogotit (For The Team)
G Step (On The Run)
Kam Hicks (Lit)
Ricky Ruckus (Lit)
Roscoe Dash (Lit)
HeroGawd (She The Plug)
Money Counta Nard (Wave)
Young Money Yawn (You Heard Now)
K Dos (Colors)
Baebae Savo (Scared To Book Me)
Garcia Vega (Look At God)
Petey Pablo (Bust It)
Semi Sixteenz (Double Or Nothin)
YQ Dreams (Did It)
Jamz (Baby Shower)
704 Baggz (BAck Up Off Me)
Succeed Phlyguy (No Cap Zone)
MrPostman (Pamper)
Doobie (Power (Remix))
Icewear Vezzo (Power (Remix))
YK Osiris (Freaky Dancer, Gospel)
Sy Ari Da Kid (One Phone Call)
Paxquiao (One Phone Call)
Ou’ri Cuatros (Bag Mode)
Geezy Escobar (Cool)
Lizzo (Truth Hurts (DaBaby Remix))
YHN Balla (In & Out)
Spiro (Splash)
Gucci Mane (Richer Than Errybody, Gospel)
YoungBoy Never Broke Again (Richer Than Errybody)
Post Malone (Enemies)
Vic Flair (Heartless)
Gatti800 (Act Out)
Tone Tone (100 P’s)
Shaquees (100 P’s)
D-Major (No Time)
Piles (Boss Friends)
Trippie Redd (Death)
Akevius (1+1)
Blac Youngsta (Like A Pro)
Munk (Suboxone)
Shakewell (Suboxone)
Camila Cabello (My Oh My)
Blueface (Obama)
Charlie (F***** Up)
Megan Thee Stallion (Cash S***)
Dreamville (Under The Sun)
J. Cole (Under The Sun)
Lute (Under The Sun)
Chance The Rapper (Hot Shower, Gospel)
MadeinTYO (Hot Shower)
Offset (Pink Toes)
Gunna (Pink Toes)
Kevin Gates (Pop Star)
Nicki Minaj (iPhone, Suge (Remix))
Moneybagg Yo (Toes, Protect Da Brand)
Migos (Raw S***)
Deniro Farrar (The Dealer, Literally)
CFN TrapGod (Plug Best Friend, Really Rich)
Quis Famous (Vert)
DJ E.Sudd (Literally)
Sequence (Literally)
Skully (I Shoulda Told Ya)
N.F.L. Nique (Sauced)
Lil Dre KND (Hiccups)
2deuce Corleone (I’m Used To It)
YajGrindin (In Charlotte)
Rad BlueBillz (Woah)
Lil Waldo (Back End)
YSM Swole (Gimme The Loot)
GetRichZay (Gimme The Loot)
DP Thablazer (Posted In The Trap)
Rizzoo Rizzoo (Koll Aid)
Slicc Da Kidd (Off The Boat)
Mir Fontaine (Hide The Money)
YG (Stop Snichin’ (Remix))
Bandy Boy Shad (Sauce)
Mak Sauce (Do It)
Blacc Zacc (Tuesday)
Ombre2Choc Nation (Suge (Remix))
Young Nudy (Dispatch)
Pi’erre Bourne (Dispatch)

Now, most of the people on this list are people I’ve never heard of, and that likely come from the Charlotte rap underground.  Even so, despite having a mainstream rap career of only about a year or so, DaBaby has racked up a huge number of collaborations with other rappers, including some of the biggest rappers of the present day.  Obviously, considering the size of the first degree of DaBaby, a list that only promises to get longer and longer given DaBaby’s willingness to hop on any track and the fact that his career is going well enough that people want him to provide a verse with a fast flow to help out their songs is in the offing.  It would be far too time-consuming and lengthy to post all of the six degrees of DaBaby.  That said, just looking at some of the artists with wikipedia pages provides a few second degree of DaBaby options, such as:

Through BlocBoy JB (Mini Van) ->

21 Savage (Rover 2.0)
88rising (Let It Go)
HIgher Brothers (Let It Go)
Lil Mosey (Yoppa)
NLE Choppa (ChopBloc, ChopBloc 2)
No Jumper (Hard)
Tay-K (Hard)
ASAP Rocky (Bad Company)
Brianna Perry (Slow Dance)
G-Eazy (Drop)
Blac Youngsta (Drop)
Lil One Hunnet (We Bangin’ Gape)
03 Greedo (We Bangin’ Grape)
Chantel Jeffries (Better)
Vory (Better)
Lil Pump (Nun Of Dat)
Lil Yachty (Who Want The Smoke?)
Cardi B (Who Want The Smoke?)
ASAP Rocky (OG Beeper)

And this is only one set of the many, many people who have second degree connections to DaBaby.  Although Quality Control is a label, looking at those cases where it is credited on a song, we have the following second degree connections through the song Baby:

Lil Yachty (On Me)
Kodak Black (My Dawg (Remix))
Quavo (My Dawg (Remix))
City Girls (F*** Dat N*****)

Through Lil Baby, frequent collaborator of DaBaby, we have some famous names like Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Travis Scott, KSI, Rick Ross, Bhad Bhabie, Meek Mill, Schoolboy Q, 21 Savage, DJ Khaled, Lil Tjay, and Jerimeh as well as J Balvin.  Considering the fame of such people it only extends from here.  One can see that within two or three degrees there are a huge number of artists, including everyone that Future (Maroon 5), Drake, or Nicki Minaj have ever worked with.  And that is a large number of people.  Obviously, we could go on for a very long time figuring out all of the complicated links that connect artists together, and by the time we get to three and four degrees of separation we could easily include a massive list of thousands upon thousands of artists who are connected, and artists with massive amounts of connections given the frequency of collaborations between them.  As some online acquaintances of mine and I were able to discover, by the time we got to three degrees of separation we could connect such names as Sia and the Jonas Brothers and there are at least fourth-degree of separation connections with country acts like Tim McGraw and Florida-Georgia Line.

What does this all mean, though?  It may not be important, in a trivial matter, to connect all of the musicians that have ever worked with anyone else.  But it is a small world, and the fact that collaborations in music are so common means that all kinds of people are connected far closer than we might think.  This makes people less alone in the world than they would otherwise be.  Imagine if you are a no-name rapper in Charlotte who happens to have performed on a few tracks with DaBaby before he was famous that through him you are now connected to a whole host of people who could possibly be looking for an artist to hop on a beat with them.  DaBaby’s willingness to work with just about anyone makes him a bridge, and it is possible that he might be able to talk to an artist about someone else who is looking to make a project and be able to connect people together that might not otherwise be able to work together as easily, and that people can play fun games to show just how closely connected the world of music actually is.

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    I wish we could be in true Christianity what he is in music.

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