Conversations With My Readers: Part Two

I do not have time for a long note, so I will make this a brief one.  Frequently I have conversations with the readers of my blog, and sometimes I find that their questions turn into a large enough question that I can write at some length about what they are asking.  Such was the case with a question that I received today from a reader.  A while ago this same reader (who asks many questions, something I enjoy) had asked why it is that we are asked to pray for everyone in 1 Timothy 2:4, and I had commented that our praying has as much or more to do with us than it does about the people we are praying for.  Today’s question was about why we are asked to pray that our flight not be on the Sabbath or in winter in Matthew 24, a related question where God knows the answer and where the reason why we are asked to pray for this has more to do with us than about the matter itself.  I will have to ponder how deeply I want to answer this question, as it could be a fairly long series indeed if taken out to a great length.  But that will have to wait on another time.

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