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The Past Looks So Much Different From The Present

When I was growing up, I tended to look at civil service reform positively and to have a dim view of Andrew Jackson’s spoils system by which the victor of elections got the spoils of being able to fire and … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Sports Subgenres: A Syntoptical Reading Project

From time to time I like to engage in syntoptical reading, where one reads a lot of books about the same sorts of subjects as a way of gaining insight into what is written and why it is written [1].  … Continue reading

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Book Review: Lord Of Emperors

Lord Of Emperors (The Sarantine Mosaic #2), by Guy Gavriel Kay This book provides a great deal of the payoff from the previous volume and suggests a somewhat different historical timeline than existed thanks to some changes.  Indeed, those who … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sailing To Sarantium

Sailing To Sarantium (The Sarantine Mosaic #1), by Guy Gavriel Kay I could not help but be a bit bored of this book.  While I do not think this is a bad book, I do not think that this book’s … Continue reading

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