Liveblogging The Trip To The Feast Of Tabernacles: Part One

12:16PM:  It may seem a bi early for some of you to be thinking about this, but some of us begin our travels to the Feast of Tabernacles quite early.  Today I will be beginning my trip to the Feast of Tabernacles by traveling to New York and then to Antigua, where I will celebrate the Day of Atonement with my mother and stepfather before we all go to St. Vincent before the weekly Sabbath which is followed the next night by the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles.  This particular post will therefore allow me the chance to write on various matters relating to my trip to the Feast, including conditions at airports along the way and perhaps some notes dashed off as I am headed off on various exciting adventures with my family.  I plan on updating next when I am at the airport, as I packed up this morning and am ready to head out to the airport as soon as I get home from work and dropping up 31 books at the library.

8:35PM:  Alrighty, so I took the MAX into the airport and at first I was concerned that I might not have given myself enough time.  It is strange as well how the habit of singing songs to oneself while one is riding the train tends to make people around you think of you as a bit more quirky than the average passenger on public transportation, which is by no means an enviable thing to be.  Anyway, once I got my bag checked and got to security one of the TSA employees complimented me on my cane (it is a pretty good wandelstok if you ask me) and I was a bit hungry and very thirsty so I picked up a bagel with butter and some bottled water while I wait for the flight to board.  It looks like boarding for my NY-bound flight will start around 9:05AM so that gives me time to catch up on chart news and respond to blog comments and so on while I await the redeye.  Thankfully I was able to bring a couple of books to read so I should be set as far as that goes as well.   The next update, unless something goes awry, will likely be in New York.

11:07PM (?):  Okay, so I was able to get online and plug in my computer on the plane.  I have no idea where we are, as this is an Alaska Airlines flight and it is a little bit light on the information of what area of the country we are flying over, but it appears as if I won’t be sleeping much tonight.  Tomorrow should be an exciting day of narcolepsy as I deal with New York’s airport and then the flight to Antigua and eating with my folks before Atonement.  All of that should be pretty exciting and I will no doubt have a lot more to write about then.  But for now, I have finished one of my books and I may review it when I land if I can find internet and Terminal 5 easily enough in Kennedy Airport.  Until then, there isn’t much to report from a plane full of sleepy people.

7:18AM:  New York:  Alright, so the flight wasn’t particularly interesting and as usual, Kennedy was under construction and so there was the usual epic hike from one terminal to another.  In the course of my wanderings I managed to snag a refreshing smoothie from Jamba Juice and have some good times joking with some of the people that I came into contact with.  And now, as it will be another three hours before my flight boards, I have some time to review the two books I read on the plane flight and see if any of my insomniac friends are up to chat with, which doesn’t appear to be happening at present.  I have to say that as usual, the airport is a fascinating place to watch humanity and I’m sure that I’m quite entertaining on two hours of napping and my usual distractability.  I may update again if something happens, but otherwise my next post will be in Antigua, where I will have some initial reflections to make as well as a restaurant review for the pre-Atonement dinner.

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