Book Review: Just Three Minutes, Please

Just Three Minutes, Please:  Thinking Out Loud On Public Radio, by Michael Blumenthal


This is the sort of book that raises questions of why the government funds mouthbreathers like this author to be on the radio.  The only positive quality about this book is that it mercifully short and is filled with mercifully short essays.  Everything else that I can say about this book is very negative though, and this is a book that questions the entire point of paying for public radio so that propagandists like the author can spout their vile left-wing views with impunity and a salary that they do not deserve.  Admittedly, it can also be positively said that it is a good thing that the author’s own struggles with short-term handicaps has made him more empathetic to those who have the same problems for a longer time, but there are few parts of this book that are particularly enjoyable to read and it is best to avoid this work as a whole, which mostly consists of the author’s whining about problems in West Virginia and claims that George W. Bush was the worse president of all time while Obama was the best, claims that cannot really be supported given the fact that both presidencies shared a lot of similarities.  Such biased politics has no place in publicly funded efforts.

This short quarto-sized book of just over 100 pages is divided into four sections of undisciplined and unprincipled ramblings.  The first section contains a few essays dealing with the author’s health that show him ranting about WVU’s hospital system as well as the difficulties faced by those with limited mobility.  After that there is a section that deals with West Virginia, making fun of its bad reputation on reality television as well as the way that a large proportion of West Virginia democrats voted for a felon in the WV primary in 2012 just to vote against Obama.  The author then spends most of the book talking about the US as a country of second chances, dealing with immigration, affirmative action, taxes, labor, and gay marriage, among other subjects, with rare lack of skill and tact.  The book then ends with some discussions of mindfulness, including a praise of doing nothing, before there are some notes about the author that show him to be descended from Holocaust survivors, though he does not make any mention of his Judaism (and certainly nothing about religious beliefs) in the course of the book.

This author is an example of someone who likely would not be sympathetically viewed by many in West Virginia, not least because of his cosmopolitan background and leftist politics, who seeks to view himself as a gatekeeper of what aspects of West Virginia’s culture is worth celebrating.  This sort of gatekeeping is all too common on the left, and just as commonly denied because those who seek cultural power do not want to be viewed as being the tyrannical cultural bullies that they are in support of decadence and moral decline.  The author certainly makes it clear that he is hostile to conservative working class whites, views himself as an elite who thinks himself above the problems that ordinary people have in dealing with health care as well as failed institutions, and has some terrible and laughable political views.  In this book the author asks for three minutes, but he isn’t even worth that much of the reader’s time either reading or listening to him, and one wonders why he has a paid job spewing leftist nonsense on the taxpayer dime.  Somebody needs to find a way for this author and people like him to be removed from taxpayer funded positions.

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