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An Age Of Inflammation

One of the characteristics of this age, whether we are looking at the health of people or of society as a whole, is the problem of inflammation.  If this is not something we tend to think about often, it is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Putin’s Kleptocracy

Putin’s Kleptocracy:  Who Owns Russia?, by Karen Dawisha The short answer to the titular question of this book’s subtitle is that Putin and his KGB and Petersburg cronies own much of Russia and have converted Russia into a kleptocratic state … Continue reading

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Book Review: Thieves Of State

Thieves Of State:  Why Corruption Threatens Global Security, by Sarah Chayes In a more perfect world, it would not be necessary to justify anti-corruption efforts based on their threats to security.  One would simply be able to point out that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dead Wrong

Dead Wrong:  Straight Facts On The Country’s Most Controversial Coverups, by Richard Belzer and David Wayne For someone who is not really a big fan of conspiracy theories I read about them a lot, for one reason or another.  There … Continue reading

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