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Some Case Studies On The Importance Of Context

Frequently in life, we find that in order to understand something properly we must understand it in its context.  The gap between the importance of this and the lack of frequency in which we do this is quite remarkable.  There … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sicily: Three Thousand Years Of Human History

Sicily:  Three Thousand Years Of Human History, by Sandra Benjamin One of the advantages of reading several books about the same subject is that one gets to see the characteristic biases of the people who write the books.  When it … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sicily

Sicily:  An Island At The Crossroads Of History, by John Julius Norwich In this book the author captures the melancholy of Sicilian history.  What is it that makes an area of sunshine and agricultural wealth (at least from the time … Continue reading

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Book Review: La Cosa Nostra

La Cosa Nostra:  A History Of The Sicilian Mafia, by John Dickie This particular book is a history of the mafia and its parasitic relationship with the Italian state that was constructed from the 1860’s onward, demonstrating that far from … Continue reading

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