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Book Review: The Joy Of X

The Joy Of X:  A Guided Tour Of Math, From One To Infinity, by Steven Strogatz For some reason, math has always intimidated a great many people, and that intimidation, taught by parents to children or teachers to students, has … Continue reading

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The Quests Of Others

I have written at some length about my own personal quests for such random items as kao soy (a tasty Northern Thai dish with fried noodles and spicy meat), indomethecin (a drug often prescribed for gout), and tasty but impossible … Continue reading

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Book Review: Linear Algebra And Its Applications

Linear Algebra And Its Applications, by David C. Lay I’m not going to lie; this was a very boring book.  In all fairness, the book is a college level textbook in linear algebra, and few people would read such a … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Manga Guide To Linear Algebra

The Manga Guide To Linear Algebra, by Shin Takahashi and Iroha Inoue After having read this book and finding it greatly enjoyable as well as informative, I think that the Manga guides to other subjects are likely to be of … Continue reading

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