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It’s A Small World After All

Recently I was having dinner with some brethren in this congregation and, as is sometimes the case, I received a request to speak about a particular topic that one of the people at dinner was interested in, namely the connections … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Devil’s Mercedes

The Devil’s Mercedes:   The Bizarre And Disturbing Adventures Of Hitler’s Limousine In America, by Robert Klara This book manages to tell a compelling story about two cars and their contrasting fate in North America, and seeks to tell a larger … Continue reading

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Medieval Towns, Trade, And Travel

Medieval Towns, Trade, And Travel, by Lynne Elliott When one thinks about the Middle Ages, towns, trade, and travel are not the most obvious things to think of.  After all, if one was seeking to write about the normal experience … Continue reading

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Book Review: Transportation: Then And Now

Transportation:  Then And Now, by Robin Nelson It is hard to tell exactly how much work went into this particular book.  It is a very basic book that is aimed at children who are just learning how to read nonfiction … Continue reading

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