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Joseph And The Alchemy Of Suffering

Joseph provides a worthwhile case study in the transformative effects of suffering.  When sold into slavery at seventeen, Joseph was a callow young man who based his sense of security on the love of his father, whose favoritism actually put … Continue reading

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Book Review: The One Ring Roleplaying Game

The One Ring Roleplaying Game, by Francesco Nepitello It is an intensely frustrating and Nathanish experience to read a book that consists of two books that one has already read under a different name.  At any rate, if you have … Continue reading

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Book Review: Adventures In Middle Earth: Wilderland Adventures

Adventures In Middle Eearth:  Wilderland Adventures, by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Francesco Nepitello, Jon Hodgson, and Steve Emmott I happen to greatly enjoy books like this for a few reasons.  For one, I am an avid, if not very frequent, tabletop role … Continue reading

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