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Letters From The Mailbox: Part Three

Today I received an interesting e-mail from a reader that asks something that many readers have likely pondered about before, so I thought I would share it: “Hi Nathan and [name redacted],” I have heard sermons in the past about … Continue reading

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On The Development Of A Personal Writing Style

As a longtime writer, it is difficult to ponder when and where it was that I acquired my personal style as a writer.  My earliest writing is shrouded in the mist of my early childhood.  By the time I was … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jewish Literacy

Jewish Literacy:  The Most Important Things To Know About The Jewish Religion, Its People, And Its History, by Joseph Telushkin This is by no means a small book, and I must admit I have some quibbles about it–especially where the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Biblical Literacy

Biblical Literacy:  The Most Important People, Events, And Ideas Of The Hebrew Bible, by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin On the one hand, this sizable book of about 600 pages or so of core material does include material from the Hebrew Bible, … Continue reading

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