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A Scarlet Thread

One of the treasured books that my father had in his library was called Lionhearts, about the heroes of the Israeli state.  A forthright praise of Zionism and nationalism, one which both my father and I shared support for, this … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Mad Desire To Dance

A Mad Desire To Dance:  A Novel, by Elie Wiesel When a novelist writes Nathanish characters in multiple novels, one wonders if they are writing characters at least somewhat like themselves as well.  At this point of reading books by … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Journey Of Faith

A Journey Of Faith:  A provacative and moving dialogue between two men of faith, two voices of conscience, about the most profound events and issues of our time, by Elie Wiesel and John Cardinal O’Connor As someone who feels a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Rashi

Rashi, by Elie Wiesel I must admit to having profound mixed feelings about this work.  Of course, Rashi is a figure I have some awareness of because of his importance as a commentator on the Midrash and Mishnah from medieval … Continue reading

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