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On The Legitimacy Of The Oral Law

In his discussion of Hillel called Hillel:  If Not Now, When?, noted contemporary conservative Jewish rabbi and author Joseph Telushkin commented that given the Bible’s assumption of various matters being in existence outside of the written text, that the oral … Continue reading

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Book Review: Compact Cabins

Compact Cabins:  62 Plans For Camps, Cottages, Lake Houses & Other Getaways, by Gerald Rowan Although this book is aimed at endorsing and advocating for small vacation properties for people as a second home, there is a great deal of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Compact Houses

Compact Houses:  50 Creative Floor Plans For Well-Designed Small Homes, by Gerald Rowan I think highly enough of this book that even after reading it I would consider buying a copy of this book for my own collection, at least … Continue reading

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