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Portland Anonymous: Fragment Three

I’m always surprised about how much people like to talk about “Beside Me.”  Like many songs of its kind, it is one that came together pretty easily.  The chorus came first, and it came to me while I was struggling … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Piano In The Pyrenees

A Piano In The Pyrenees:  The Ups And Downs Of An Englishman In The French Mountains, by Tony Hawks There is a sub-genre of travel literature that I am familiar with [1], namely that of the humorous and somewhat daft … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cultures Of The World: Andorra

Cultures Of The World:  Andorra, by Byron D. Augustin Since childhood, when I first found out about this small and odd nation in the Pyrenees Mountains, I have been interested in the nation of Andorra [1].  There are a lot … Continue reading

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