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The Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings: The Eagles vs. Michael Jackson

As someone who writes a fair amount relating to the subject of music history, including the classic rock of the 1970’s [1], I am very familiar with the music of the Eagles.  It would be hard not to be familiar … Continue reading

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Book Review: Knock At A Star

Knock At A Star:  A Child’s Introduction To Poetry, by X.J. Kennedy and Dorothy M. Kennedy From childhood I have been interested in poetry.  Like many children of my generation I wrote silly limericks as as kid [1] and read … Continue reading

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Book Review: House Held Up By Trees

House Held Up By Trees, by Ted Kooser It is not uncommon for odd poems (or song lyrics) [1] to be turned into full-length illustrated books, and that is exactly what this book is.  Admittedly, this book is a lot … Continue reading

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