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Make It Real

The story of this song and how it was recorded is not an unusual one, and there are many others like it.  The Jets were a sibling-based band, and were recording the songs for their second album (aside from a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Unruly Places

Unruly Places:  Lost Spaces, Secret Cities, And Other Inscrutable Geographies, by Alastair Bonnet This book was at least moderately enjoyable to read.  Obviously, this book goes down a lot better if one shares the author’s political agendas (hint:  he’s strongly … Continue reading

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Book Review: New Views

New Views:  The World Mapped Like Never Before, by Alastair Bonnett Part of this book was deeply enjoyable, as I am someone who likes reading atlases [1], but part of this book was somewhat irritating as well.  As someone who … Continue reading

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