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Nous Sommes Trahis Par Nos Corps Et Nos Esprits

i. Why is it that some cell inside your breast decided to stop working and stop what it was doing and then said, “Now I will simply divide and do nothing more for the rest of my days.”  Where did … Continue reading

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Book Review: A History Of The True Religion

A History Of The True Religion Through Each Hundred Years From 33 A.D. To Date, by Dugger And Dodd How I came to read this book is a bit of a story.  My mother got this book for me as … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Home Bible Instructor

The Home Bible Instructor, by Andrew N. Dugger When I visited the home of a friend of mine in a neighboring congregation, I saw that he had this book, by a well-known author from a religious tradition not unlike my … Continue reading

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