Poll For Facebook Readers

While I do not have many Facebook views most days, since at least some of my posts are viewed quite heavily there, I wished to write a comment for those readers who do check my posts out from Facebook and encourage some feedback either here or on Facebook.  Earlier today I received a message from WordPress saying that Facebook was changing its policies and would no longer permit third party posting on personal profiles, which means that my posts will no longer automatically post on my Facebook page.  This leaves me with three options:

Option #1:  Add the posts manually

This would be straightforward to do, but since I have between 3 and 5 posts per day would be pretty tiresome, admittedly.

Option #2:  Convert my Facebook profile to a page

This could be done, although I do not know how it would affect my ability to engage in the sort of personal conversations I like to engage in, since as I understand it there are limitations to having only a page and not a profile.

Option #3:  Create a new page and tie the blog posts to that

This would require some initial setup to connect my blog to a new page, likely to be called “Edge Induced Cohesion,” but once it is done things could go along without much in the way of further effort.

Of course, there is also the potential Option #4:  Do nothing

In this case my posts would no longer be accessible on Facebook unless someone else shares them themselves, which I do not think would be appreciated by those who read my blog from Facebook.

What I would appreciate then, is for those who read (or could read) my posts on Facebook to let me know what option they would prefer either on this page or on my Facebook page or via e-mail, as I will likely have to make some sort of decision on it within the next few days or weeks.


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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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1 Response to Poll For Facebook Readers

  1. Catharine Martin says:

    I really hate this new policy, especially because your blogs are not showing up on my news feeds. In fact, I’m not hearing from you at all on FB and the only communication we’re having is through the message board. I do recall that your posts were becoming touch-and-go for awhile on my feed before the ban was imposed. Now there is nothing, even with the modifications you have made to keep us in the loop. FB is supposed to support the free flow of thought-provoking information and opinions, but I’m finding that it is becoming more and more restrictive. FB’s original mission was a noble one, but I personally feel that it is straying off course. This could be a dangerous thing, especially when the openness of ideas is stifled.

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