Team Building: TopGolf

Alright, so today from 2-5PM I spent my afternoon at TopGolf near the library not too far away from work and home, and I wanted to comment at least a little bit about it and give a bit of a review for TopGolf as a destination.  Most of our department (minus one person) came along, and one person left early in order to go to a chiropractor’s appointment, but the rest of us stayed and enjoyed eating and drinking (my drink of choice was iced tea) and using the driving range to struggle hitting golf balls [1] into rings for scoring.  I’ll leave it to the imagination of the reader how well they could do on that, but for those who don’t like golfing there is foosball and virtual bowling, so there’s that.  Alright, I think that I have given enough of an introduction so we can get to the general reviewing and discussion.

To give a review to TopGolf as a restaurant, I have to say it works pretty well.  It’s not terribly spendy and the food is tasty.  Our group tried a fair amount of items, and I myself had some of the pretzels and cheese fries before having a chicken salad, fries, and a couple of chicken and waffle sliders.  All of them were pretty tasty, and I have to say that the place does a good job at making some excellent food.  Think of it like bar food with a bit of humor and originality thrown in.  It seems as if most of the people there had eyes that were bigger than their stomachs, which meant that while I polished off my food, most other people had food left over.  I’m not sure why that is the case; I tend not to like to waste food.  Perhaps that is habit acquired thanks to my own life and the food insecurity I faced as a child, which tended to make me rather conscious of the amount of food that I was hungry enough to eat, a tendency that I suppose one never entirely loses.

Is this a good place to go for drinking?  Admittedly, I’m not much of a drinker, but many of my coworkers enjoyed a few drinks.  Our group slanted towards the beer drinkers, so some people had IPA’s and others had other beers, some of which looked different but tasted about the same.  Other people had more of an interest in mixed drinks, some of which were pretty creative.  The staff was attentive and friendly and we had a good time interacting with them, even if they were a bit imperfect when it came to getting everyone’s order, a task not made easier by the way that some people were playing golf when the rhythm of the server was focused on getting drink, appetizer, and food orders.  We ended up spending about two and a half hours there, and were a bit longer than we had originally planned, but the staff was quite gracious in giving us one more round of games before it was time for us to go.

Is TopGolf a good place to go for team building?  Well, it happens to be a place that one can find in quite a few metropolitan areas, usually in suburbs like Hillsboro.  If you get a couple of tables next to each other like we did, one can play golf in two rounds and people can talk with each other, which our group did a fair amount of.  I have to say that my coworkers in general are a pretty friendly lot and we all have a few common interests in culture and are generally in the same age range so there is a lot to appreciate.  We can spend a few hours with each other eating and drinking and playing golf and teasing each other a bit and joking about our college experiences and interest in sports and so on, and all of that makes for acceptable ways to pass the time.  Not all groups will likely enjoy spending time with each other as much as we do, but for those groups where there are common interests in sports and food and drink, this is certainly an enjoyable place.  I imagine that the venue is quite popular with many companies and probably gets a lot of use from those who are at least marginally talented at golf.  All in all, it’s a solid place to go when one has pleasant company.

[1] See, for example:


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