Your Hitman For Today

As I arrived home too late last night to write, I thought I would try to write a bit this morning before I rush off to another long and busy day today.  Why was I so late getting home last night?  Well, as is sometimes the case it is worthwhile to start from the end and then get to the beginning.  After midnight I found myself at a 24 hour grocery story getting my groceries for the week because I would not be able to at my more usual times.  I do not recommend, overall, getting groceries late at night though, as one finds a store filling large amounts of aisle space with goods to pack on the shelves and so it can be rather tight for shopping carts.  In addition, it is pretty clear that at least some of those items are meant to refill the fresh food, which often has expiration dates of only a day or two from the time one is shopping, which can also be less than ideal.  Still, at least one can find friendly people since those who are awake at such a time are likely to be friendly to others who are, especially if they are dressed in a snazzy black suit with a holster and fedora on as well, as I was.

And why was I dressed like that?  I happened to be the dj for a dance that evening at the Northwest Weekend my church runs, and it was a generally enjoyable experience.  Let us note that I was supposed to be helping out the dj who did it last year, but he had a sudden attack of conscience where he believed that it was improper to perform songs that were not godly and that playing such music would invite demonic attack, even if the songs were, say, instrumental swing songs and the like, and although he did not believe it appropriate to play such songs he still found himself at the dance conversing with others there.  As it happened, I ended up spending my evening entirely at the table, enjoying the food that was provided by some of the other people and hitting the bottles of Martinelli’s pretty hard, as well as a bottle of IBC root beer.  All this was good since that was the first time I had a chance to eat all day.  Our dance was themed from the 1920’s, and I wanted to make sure that at least a few songs were played in homage of the theme, along with the more usual songs that people request and enjoy having played, and so since I happen to work with people who definitely know how to make an epic production, I was dressed like either a 1920’s ganster or one of Ness’ early FBI agents.  Being a hitman makes more sense when one is playing the hits from the ’20’s to the 10’s, as everything from the Charleston to Uptown Funk was on the playlist.

And why was it until late when I had the chance to eat?  Well, as is often the case it was a particularly busy Sabbath.  I don’t tend to keep a lot of ready to eat foods around, as I’m not that fond of eating in bed, and today was as ambitiously scheduled as I often tend to be.  Before the dance I was helping to setup the dance hall to the extent that I had only once left the hotel and that was to put my viola and music stand in my car right after services.  In fact, I did not even end up paying for the dance–I should probably do that–because I never was outside the room where the dance was being held to sign in and pay my $5, which is not the first time when I have been busy enough that this particular step got neglected.  Before that I was among those who helped stack the chairs for the transition of our church hall to a dance floor after the Sabbath ended, and being in the hymn ensemble as well as the teen and adult choir for special music and the speaker’s workshop before services meant that I was in the building for over 12 hours without being able to see much of the glorious day that was apparently going on all around me, even if the winds were pretty bitterly cold when I happened to be outside.

And why are my days so busy?  When events like this are planned, it is not assumed that someone is involved with all of them.  Even my mom took advantage of the day, when she sent me a Facebook message as I was sitting at the speaker’s workshop, that it is okay for me to say no to some things, and yet I only added to the things to do in the weekend during the course of the day when I signed up to fill one of the open spots for a dinner after the seminars.  There are a wide mix of activities I enjoy, and as someone who has a fairly complicated mixture of needing a certain amount of time in my life to socialize and a certain amount of time to myself, finding a mix between the two can be difficult.  I found, for example, that being a dj for the dance was a surprisingly introverted activity, for although there were plenty of times where people came up to make requests–some of which we had to deny because the songs were inappropriate, such as the kids who wanted us to play “Turn Down For What”–most of the time one is fairly invisible when one is on sound equipment, and for someone like myself being invisible can seem pretty appealing even when one is playing the music that others are dancing to.  In a life where one is painfully awkward and all too obvious, invisibility is definitely something to appreciate.  And now it is time for me to get ready, as I have another busy day ahead [1].

[1] See, for example:

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2 Responses to Your Hitman For Today

  1. Catharine Martin says:

    Thank you for giving me the chance to laugh out loud when I read several of the descriptive elements within your blog. I had a particularly humorous visual of your shopping experience dressed to the nine’s as a 1920’s-esque hitman in full regalia.

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