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Mysteries Of The Bible: What Does Isaiah 28:11 Mean?

Earlier this evening when I was eating dinner I received a message on my phone from a loyal reader who asked me what Isaiah 28:11 meant, specifically when it referred to stammering lips:  “For with stammering lips and another tongue He … Continue reading

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Book Review: Biomimicry

Biomimicry:  Innovation Inspired By Nature, by Janine M. Benyus I want to make it plain at the outset that I did not like this book.  Reading this book was a frustrating experience for many reasons.  For one, the tone of … Continue reading

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Book Review: To Engineer Is Human

To Engineer Is Human:  The Role Of Failure In Successful Design, by Henry Petroski Although my work world has not reflected my educational background in engineering for some time, from time to time I enjoy reading books about engineering, and … Continue reading

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