The Hunt For 0141

From time to time I find that much amusing matters come about at work [1], and for whatever reason computers are often at the base of it.  Earlier this week I commented about some of the computer problems that I had with the 17th or so desk move that I have been a part of over my time at work, and found today an interesting enough story to update further.  I am not sure how many people find such matters entertaining aside from myself, but be that as it may I find that writing about it is calming to me, and given the therapeutic value of writing to me I will continue the habit as best and as cheerfully as I am able.  Whatever future purposes this writing goes towards or whatever enjoyment other people have in it, the purpose of this entry was for myself, and I share it largely because I thought it was too entertaining to keep it to myself, although I have much else that I would like to write about at the moment and only a limited amount of time to write at present.

For the last three days I have been at my old desk, because the desk I went to on Monday was missing some essentials for me to work.  After a plea for help from my boss, my ticket was placed on the highest priority and this morning shortly after I arrived at work one of the IT staff met me at my desk and we began the search for my custom computer.  We ended up looking at the desk where I had been sitting and and quickly found that this was not the place where I should have been.  Taking a quick pass of the area to see where else the computer could be, I showed them the place on the first floor where I had been briefly sitting after the previous move due to the air conditioning problem and showed the IT employee that the area was basically a place for derelict computer parts, of which my computer was definitely not one of them.  As we were about to continue our mission, we met up with another member of the IT staff that was then without a project.  His project became to find my computer.

I went back to my desk and before too long the questing IT employee came back with my tower in his hands, which he then placed beside my other desk, where it sits.  Of course, I cannot do anything at work which requires that box–including working on SQL and running scripts and so on, and so the box sits rather useless.  Needless to say, although the box is not serving any purpose, it does at least prompt a few questions that given my life in general should be fairly obvious.  One brief and obvious question is why is it so hard for me to find a place to remain for a while.  Why do others feel it necessary to disrupt my patterns of place and behavior so often?  While we were hunting for my computer, one of my coworkers commented that there were rumors of another move, which would be the fourth move of the last three weeks.  The IT employee’s unenthusiastic response was that he had not heard of a move and did not think it a good idea–I imagine he is as tired of having to do the work necessary to move people from one desk location as another as anyone else is.

The other obvious question is why, once again, is questing such a large part of my life.  Does everyone else have the same sort of quests that I have?  Do other people have to hunt around for where their computers are located only to find out there is no room for them where they are supposed to be?  Is it odd that I would notice this as a frequent pattern of existence, of things not being where they are supposed to be, and of it requiring far more effort than most people have to undertake for things that should not be difficult to find?  Is there some purpose in my having to search for things that other people take for granted?  Does everything in life have to turn into some adventure of finding what is out of place and what is missing?  Whether it comes to food, parking, gout medicine, romance, or even desk locations, my life is the sort that requires a great deal of questing.  Far more than most lives I observe, my life does resemble one of those adventure or role playing games that require a great deal of searching and questing and hunting.  Honestly, I find much of it to be a more than tedious chore, and I wonder what the point of all of this searching is for.  Why do I have to search so hard for what others find without trying?  Why is all of this toil and effort necessary?

[1] See, for example:

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