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Things Observed Among An Overscheduled Life

I was reminded yesterday yet again, if such a reminder was necessary, that like most people I have an over-scheduled life.  Yet as hectic as that existence sometimes is, I still find a great deal of enjoyment and insight in … Continue reading

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Book Review: Becoming Shakespeare

Becoming Shakespeare:  The Unlikely Afterlife That Turned A Provincial Playwright Into The Bard, by Jack Lynch This book is an interesting piece of history, in that it presupposes the life and writing career of Shakespeare [1] and looks at the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Players: The Mysterious Identity of William Shakespeare

Players:  The Mysterious Identity of William Shakespeare, by Bertram Fields There is a deep hypocrisy at the heart of this book, one that is shared by many of its type among those who posit alternative theories for the authorship of … Continue reading

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