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The Muslim Minority As Dhimmi

As someone who tends to keep my ear to the ground when it comes to concerns and fears about religious minorities, for somewhat personal reasons [1], it should probably come as little surprise that I view the recent terror attack … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Story Of Yiddish

The Story Of Yiddish:  How A Mish-Mosh Of Languages Saved The Jews, by Neal Karlen My own relationship with Judaism and the Jewish culture have long been deeply ambivalent and complicated.  Belonging from birth to an religious tradition that has … Continue reading

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Book Review: By Hook Or By Crook

By Hook Or By Crook:  A Journey In Search Of English, by David Crystal As someone who greatly enjoys reading about the origins and the tortured history of the English language [1] and languages in general, I found this book … Continue reading

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