Restaurant Review: The Peppermill (Aloha, OR)

I don’t make it my general habit to review restaurants [1], but as it happens, this one is a request.  As I was sitting on my bed hungry and headachy towards the end of a fast this evening, I pondered how it would be best to finish the fast.  Given the sort of mood I am in, I had a place in mind but was not sure that it had wifi, so after calling the place and finding out that it did, I made my way to a place that I have eaten at a few times but none particularly recently, The Peppermill of Aloha, which is not too far away from Aloha’s library, another place I do not go to even though it might seem to be a fairly natural place for me to end up given my tastes in reading.  When I arrived at the place, I found to my surprise that one of my coworkers was there smoking outside the restaurant with a lady, and surprised to see me going out to eat alone.  He requested that I try the pot roast (which I declined, on account of it not being a gout friendly food), and that I write a restaurant review of the place, so here goes.

How friendly is this restaurant for a quirky writer like myself?  Well, after quietly watching me awkwardly look under the tables and booths for a while looking in vain for an plug while a laptop bag was on my shoulder, one of the waitresses directed me to a place I had never sat in, the far back wall of the resttaurant, next to a television that was turned off.  In general, this place is a comfortable and homey sort of restaurant, where one has witty conversation with the waitresses–and they are invariably waitresses–and enjoys well-cooked and hearty food, which we’ll get to shortly.  Despite the fact that it was a Saturday night, the place was nearly empty.  Perhaps the paucity of televisions devoted to the Blazers game and the fact that the restaurant appeals to a senior crowd that goes to bed earlier had something to do with the general emptiness of the place, because I have been here before earlier in the evening on work nights on the way home when I lived in the Murray Shoals area and the place was much busier.

So, what did I get to eat when I was there?  Well, for one, I got some fried motzarella for an appetizer, and though the dish is a bit spendy (averaging about $1 per fried cheese stick), the dish is a tasty one and the supply of marinara sauce with shredded cheese on top is pretty generous.  I ordered a dinner salad with the house Italian dressing to go along with my entreè, the chicken fettuccine alfredo, and forgot to tell the wait staff to take off the beets.  The waitress helpfully commented as I was taking off the beets from my salad that beets are a somewhat polarizing option for salads and I agreed with her, and later on as she delivered the chicken fettuccine alfredo, she asked somewhat rhetorically about their cheese sticks being the best.  Their iced tea was pretty strong, which is good, and after seeing the way I guzzled the first couple of glasses the waitress wisely brought an entire pitcher for me to drink the rest of the evening.  The chicken fettuccine alfredo was tasty–one only wishes there had been a bit more of it because by the time I had it, I was about ready to eat the plate.  Will I regret eating an alfredo dish in a few hours?  Quite possibly, but it was tasty.  As I was still hungry after I was done, I picked up an inexpensive slice of carrot cake to close out the meal and add a bit of balance to it.

Is this place worth coming back to?  In a perfect world, if my dinner choices were not highly conditioned by cost, this would be a place I go out to a lot more often.  I enjoy the friendliness and occasional stabs at wit from the waitresses, and the place is one where I can be left alone to read or write without being frequently bothered, all of which I particularly enjoy.  While the food, especially the appetizers, are a bit spendy, the food is tasty and the place is certainly worthwhile.  As it stands now, I can’t imagine myself eating here all that often, but it is a place I could see myself eating at from time to time.  It is certainly a local establishment that I find sufficiently quirky to give my seal of approval, even if I can be more than usually awkward when it comes to my own experiences here.

[1] But see, for example:

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9 Responses to Restaurant Review: The Peppermill (Aloha, OR)

  1. Marlon says:

    I am going to try the Chicken Fett next chance I get!

    I will pass on the Mozz Sticks – And it is too bad you cannot have the Pot Roast. It is Delish!

    Nice write up BTW.

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