In Search Of…A New Home For Taco Tuesday

It should come to little surprise for those who are loyal readers of my blog that I am fond of having tacos on Tuesday [1].  Having moved from Vancouver to the Aloha area, by necessity I must move the location for Taco Tuesday for the second time this year.  Having not desired to drive out of the way to near downtown Beaverton, I investigated various options to find a place that was close to where I worked and lived that offered a deal for tacos, and found a place not too far away on the TV Highway.  For the purposes of this review I will not name the place, but I would like to give a review of it nonetheless because I like reviewing everything, even if restaurants are fairly rare in terms of my reviews.  It should be noted that I did some research on the look of the place and menu beforehand, which gave me a sense of great surprise when I managed to go there.

At its heart, this place felt like a bait and switch.  The website shows a well-lit and clean looking place that appears like a solid contemporary bar and grill, and when you go to the place it is dark and a bit dingy and has a somewhat seedy feel to it, and a decidedly roughneck clientele, who appeared to be Chicago Cubs fans from what I saw last night.  It was a good night to be a Cubs fan when I was there, to be sure.  I sat down to read and it was about fifteen minutes or so before the bartender (there was no wait staff) came to visit my table, and she assumed that I wasn’t going to order anything or that I had already ordered, neither of which were true.  I gave my complete order and then I had to have the ticket held with my card, which made me more than a little bit concerned.  Beyond this, the service was extremely slow.  After getting a terrible glass of iced tea, it took about an hour for me to have a glass of water given when the 7PM tacos arrived, and in general the service was at best lackadaisical, even though most of the people there were there for a long period of time watching television or talking.  It was on the one hand a place that would be suitable to camp, but on the other hand it was not a place that was entirely enjoyable to visit.

Aside from the terrible tea, though, the food was quite good.  The mozzarella sticks were fantastic, with an excellent marinara sauce, and the tacos, aside from some tomato chunks that were easy to remove, were tasty as well.  The food is definitely a selling point, and this is a place that would likely be worth trying again, mostly likely on a Sunday or Monday night when I wanted to try a particular chicken recipe and I had a few hours to kill where prompt service was not needed because I had enough books to read.  In general, this is a place that does not really live up to the reputation it tries to establish online.  It would likely be a comfortable place for someone who was a long-term and consistent customer, but for someone coming the first time it was not really what it was made out to be.  Here’s hoping that in the future the place can create an online presence that is more honest and improve a bit on its service, by having more attentive staff that can take less than twenty minutes to notice someone coming in and sitting down conspicuously at a table to read.  Just a hint.  It is likely that I will have to go elsewhere for my taco Tuesdays, but this is a place that may be deserving as a second chance for the quality of its food alone, although not for its dreadful tea.  The search for a new taco Tuesday home goes on, though.  It might be worth driving to downtown Beaverton after all.

[1] See, for example:

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