A Modest Proposal For A Web-Integrated Dating Show

Last night while I was enjoying Taco Tuesday [1], one of the usual crowd there was looking at dating profiles. An idea came to us while he was passing me his phone so that I could comment wryly on the women showing interest in him, despite the fact that his married status was separated (but not yet divorced), making it technically inappropriate for him to date, not that it seemed to stop him or most of the other people around. That said, the people around us were greatly amused by the commentary on the profiles, and the various red flags that were seen both in the messages as well as in the information posted by the women about who they were and what they wanted from a man. The idea came to us that the world was ready for a web-integrated dating show, where people would look for love, with dry commentary provided by yours truly, fully integrated with audience participation as well as a follow-up for the date. This needs to be made.

The first aspect of the show would be a dating website where those posting profiles on the website had agreed expressly to permit their personal information and photos to be viewed and critiqued on the air. There are enough people who want attention or are at least willing to get it that this should not be a problem. Either an existing dating website could partner with the television show or one could be created (one can never have too many websites seeking to help people with romance, alas), either way, the important matter is that the people involved freely consent to have their information shared, because it is their information that will provide the raw material for the commentary, and for the humorous response from the audience. Even apart from the television show, the website would itself allow the common experience of internet going for those people involved, even if they are never brought on the show itself.

The second aspect is that every week there would be a person chosen from the website brought on the show in order to help search for love. This lady or gentleman will be interviewed on screen, will discuss their life story and their search for love and what they are looking for, in front of a suitably sympathetic live studio audience. After the personal interview with them, the process of analyzing potential matches with the person, as they express what they think and the host (yours truly) has to say about the profiles and any warning signs that appear will take place, and the studio audience themselves will vote people up or down, and provide the person on the show with a selection of dates. The person will then enjoy the televised dates, which will also be narrated with dry commentary. Afterward, the person will come in, and comment on which of the dates, if any of them, would be worthy of continuing. If not, the person would be invited to try through the process again.

Episodes themselves would likely be weekly, divided into several segments. The first segment would introduce the person looking for love, and their story. Then the person would be interviewed in person about their search and the difficulties they had found and what they were looking for. The next segment would consist of the person looking through various profiles seeking the best matches, with the voting of the studio audience, which would culminate in their selection of dates for a future episode. The second half of the show would then consist of a look back on a previous contestant who had gone on various dates, with commentary from the person and the host on how the dates went, along with the choice made by the contestant of which (if any) of their potential partners they wished to pursue courtship with on the long term. If they were totally unsuccessful, they would be invited back on the show to try again.

As someone with a great deal of experience in awkward matchmaking and ludicrously humorous experiences in my thus far ill-fated search for a godly relationship leading to marriage [2], and as a person with a way of dealing with people that is both empathetic and compassionate and also dry and witty, I would be well fit to balance the mood between sincere encouragement of people who sincerely want a genuine loving relationship, an understanding of the severity of the issues in contemporary society with technology and communication, and a humorous approach to the foibles of myself and others that would lead a studio audience to laugh without the need for an embarrassing laugh track. All that would be needed to make this work would be a website of people who had consented to possibly be brought in front of television cameras, with the possibility of having their profiles critically analyzed in public, a studio equipped for a sympathetic audience, camera crews capable of videotaping dates, and plenty of video screens for the profiles and dates to be shown to the audience that they would be able to see this, all with the sort of comedic wit that would rank above shows like Tosh.0 and others like it. Who wants to make this happen?

[1] See, for example:



[2] See, for example:


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