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Wanted: An Office Exorcist

In the introduction to J.K. Rowling’s amusing short book Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, pseudonymously ascribed to one Newt Scamander, there is an intriguing footnote on page xxiii that discusses that the Centaur Liaison Office is an inside … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Fault Line

The Fault Line:  Traveling The Other Europe From Finland To Ukraine, by Paolo Rumiz Reading this book as part of my contextual reading for my upcoming trip to Estonia [1], I was struck by the elegance of this author’s prose … Continue reading

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Book Review: 1066: The Hidden History In The Bayeux Tapestry

1066:  The Hidden History In The Bayeux Tapestry, by Andrew Bridgeford This is the sort of book that is perfectly made for a reader like myself.  On one level this book is a stellar piece of art history [1] examining … Continue reading

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