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Dancing With The Scars

There are downsides of being the sort of person whom everyone is paying attention to in a sermon message like we had yesterday.  One of the perks of being a writer who tends to leave a fair amount of his … Continue reading

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Book Review: Rock Breaks Scissors

Rock Breaks Scissors:  A Practical Guide To Outguessing & Outwitting Almost Everybody, by William Poundstone As someone who enjoys reading practical guides on statistics and other related mathematical subjects [1], I found this book to be refreshing and enjoyable the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dreamers And Deceivers

Dreamers And Deceivers:  True Stories Of The Heroes And Villains Who Made America, by Glenn Beck I was loaned this book from a friend of mine at church this past Sabbath as is sometimes the case [1], and when I set … Continue reading

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