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As We Grew Up Under The Sun

When I was a young adult attending college in Southern California, I remember being somewhat haunted by one of the songs that was an album track by Sugar Ray on their self-titled fourth album, a song called “Under The Sun.”  The … Continue reading

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Book Review: Player’s Option: Heroes Of Shadow

Player’s Option:  Heroes Of Shadow, by Mike Mearls, Claudio Pozas, and Robert J. Schwalb A book like this, even if it aimed squarely at the table top gaming community [1], has a lot of insight to offer that may be … Continue reading

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Book Review: Player’s Option: Heroes Of The Feywild

Player’s Option:  Heroes Of The Feywild, by Rodney Thompson, ,Claudio Pozas, and Stee Townshend Readers of this book should be aware that it is a supplement for those who are particularly interested in creating unusual characters or gaining a greater … Continue reading

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