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Book Review: The Scotch-Irish: A Social History

The Scotch-Irish:  A Social History, by James G. Leyburn As someone who has a great deal of Scot-Irish in my background, which is evident in my light skin with freckles, I picked this book up as a way of reading … Continue reading

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A Trip From Biggs Junction To La Grande Via The Hell’s Canyon Scenic Bypass

Given that yesterday evening I drove from the Portland area to Biggs [1], and that I have traveled a good deal more than usual this month with my mother in town [2], I figured I should continue the theme of … Continue reading

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Night Drive Across The Cascades

Although for the most part I am a fairly plain person, perhaps even almost boring in the regularity of my patterns, at times I do things that are unexpected and am willing to engage in travels without a great deal … Continue reading

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