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The Number Seventy-Two

Renaissance writers and artists, and those who have modeled themselves after such thinkers, were notorious for their deeply layered masques.  Leonardo da Vinci was known for hiding the number seventy-two in his art works, including having 72 panels above the … Continue reading

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To Write Love On Their Arms: A Thought Experiment

Today I would like to conduct a bit of a thought experiment, and since it is a different sort of thought experiment than I typically engage in, I thought it would be worthwhile to lay out ahead of time what … Continue reading

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Audiobook Review: History Decoded

History Decoded:  The 10 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time, by Brad Meltzer with Keith Ferrell As the author, himself an imaginative novelist and sometime consultant for the History Network, notes in the introduction to this book, the conspiracies we are … Continue reading

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