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An Exploration Of The Moral Topography Of Sin: Part One

While having a conversation with a friend of mine about different types of sin, I was struck by the fact that a broad picture understanding of the topography of sin is largely lacking among many people. This is not to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dungeon Master’s Guide (Version 5)

Dungeon Master’s Guide (Version 5), by Jeremy Crawford, Christopher Perkins, and James Wyatt During a recent visit to the home of some friends of mine from church [1] for a night of tabletop gaming, I volunteered to be the DM … Continue reading

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Book Review: Another World Instead

Another World Instead: The Early Poems of William Stafford 1937-1947, edited with an introduction by Fred Marchant As someone who is very fond of the poetry of William Stafford [1], this book provides a worthy volume among the many that … Continue reading

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