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Naming Our Abuse: Rehabilitation

What is the purpose of reflecting upon such painful and difficult experiences as has been done so far? If our desire is not merely to put the blame of our difficulties on other people, what is the point of going … Continue reading

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Islands In The Stream, Or, Caminemos Pisando Las Sendas De Nuestra Inmensa Felicidad

In the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney Australia, two African swimmers, both from Equatorial Guinea, gained significant notoriety for their record slow times in swimming. Eric Moussambani, nicknamed “Eric The Eel” and Paula Barila Bolopa, nicknamed “Paula the Crawler” had … Continue reading

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Audiobook Review: The Undercover Economist Strikes Back

The Undercover Economist Strikes Back: How To Run—Or Ruin—An Economy, by Tim Harford, read by Cameron Stewart and Gavin Osborne Although this book is called an unabridged audiobook, the author clearly makes some comments here that he likely did not … Continue reading

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