Secretary’s Notes: Part Seven

[Note: This blog is part of a continuing series that gives a first impression of the minutes for the Spokesmen’s Club meetings [1].]

For the fourth straight time, club started late on account of waiting for some stragglers to arrive, in this case being assisted by yet another period time spent waiting for the I-5 drawbridge. Once we had (barely) achieved a quorum, club began as usual with a small group of people, as many were sick and others were out of town. The business section was a bit long, as we discussed the plans for Ladies’ Brunch on 5/17, and discussed the fact that there will be a follow-up meeting next Sabbath at services to deal with some logistical issues. Alas, one of those issues is not seeking sufficient appropriate dates, as we are left to solve that problem on our own devices, with whatever modest skills we possess. There was one motion, which in a landslide vote approved two meetings a month for next year, assuming we have a club.

After this came the topics session, and the topics session was a bit heavy. One could tell that the topics master was new at it, and I think there will be more chances to get it right. The topics on the whole were serious, but framed in such a way that it was a challenge to spur deep discussion about them, as questions dealt with such matters as favorite Sabbath blessings, most exciting things we had done in our lives, doing something good to others anonymously, drug dealing, and a series of questions dealing with mercy and judgment, which prompted the most serious discussion. After this came the director’s rather technical comments designed for improvement in the future, and then we had the usual tasty snacks while chatting for a bit with some of the fellow young people who are members of the club.

For the speaking portion of the club, we only had three speeches because of the many absences without a great deal of notice. The first speech was a “get the facts” speech on disaster preparedness, with very simple and straightforward organization and some excellent props, which I asked the speaker about after club was done. The second speech was from one of our youngest members about the planning and execution of D-Day. I felt a little bit bad that the director counted the numbers of uhs and ums (43 according to his tally), but the speech was an excellent one until it ended like a duck dropping out of the sky. This speech ended up getting the most improved speech and also its evaluator received the certificate for most effective evaluation. The third and final speech was a heart-to-heart speech about anxiety [2], which received the certificate for most effective speech. After this, the club president thanked the officers, director, and the wife of one of our club members who made the certificate. Then the director gave positive and encouraging comments about speaking to one’s areas of expertise and speaking about subjects one feels passionately about, so as to speak to one’s strengths. After this, club was dismissed.

[1] See the previous blog entries in this series:


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