Secretary’s Notes: Part Five

[Note: This blog is part of a continuing series that gives a first impression of the minutes for the Spokesmen’s Club meetings [1].]

Like the previous meeting exactly one month ago, tonight’s meeting got off to a bit of a late start, and required a bit of scrambling concerning speakers and evaluators, which is par for the course, I guess. Since our treasurer this year had an excused absence, I was pulling double duty in giving reports. Our business section was extremely lengthy, discussing the upcoming ladies’ brunch and the need to know how many people will be attending given the constraints of minimum and maximum guests in our original location. There will be more follow-up where this is concerned, probably mostly between tonight’s meeting and the next one, as we have only about two months before the Ladies’ Brunch. Considering all of the people that will need to coordinate on this, sending out the alert is probably a good plan.

After this came a very thoughtful topics session, where I only spoke once, when asked to give a brief synopsis of the book “Who Moved My Cheese,” which I only know because it was a book my mom read relating to work or her business studies some years ago. I’m glad I was able to remember it, given the fact that sometimes books tend to run together after one reads so many of them. The topics had a wide variety, including inspirational books, concerns about Oregon weather (among which drought was chief), reasons for car accidents, bucket lists, passover plans, habits to break, and thoughts on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech. After this there was a fairly brief, and relatively complementary commentary from our director, in light of the late start and lengthy business section.

After a break, where I talked a good bit and snacked only a little, we had our five speeches, which were all excellent. Two of the speeches were polished graduate speeches, one of the speakers is almost at the end of the Spokesmen’s club speeches, and the other two are beginners who are doing very well. All of the evaluations were superb as well, which made the awards difficult to select, but the people who were selected were definitely worthy. Particularly interesting with regards to the director’s closing comments was the fact that he had a lot of good to say about just about everyone, and a few words of encouragement and gentle correction for some about mechanics. He also commented that few people would likely be able to come up to speak on purpose and with flow with no notes whatsoever, as one speaker did. At that, the meeting was adjourned, leaving the secretary to hunt down people with responsibilities for the next meeting and to write his usual lengthy e-mail messages.

[1] See, for example:

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