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Book Review: The Pilgrim Of Hate

The Pilgrim Of Hate, by Ellis Peters The tenth book [1] in the Brother Cadfael series, this book offers a murder mystery with a few twists. For one, this is a murder mystery without any forensics, as the body of … Continue reading

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As We May Think

In July 1945, an American engineer named Vannevar Bush published an obscure but immensely influential essay of visionary importance called “As We May Think.” This essay, written as World War II was ending, pointed to the legitimacy of the scientific … Continue reading

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If I Could Fly, Then I Would Know, What Life Looks Like From Up Above And Down Below

It has been a while since I flew in an airplane [1], but when I flew a lot more often, I generally preferred to sit at the window seat. The reason for this was because whether I was flying in … Continue reading

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