Secretary’s Notes: Part One

Earlier this year, during our “offseason” for Spokemen’s Club, I was chosen as the Secretary to replace my predecessor, who went off to Thailand. So, being the sort of person who likes to chronicle what I do in life, I thought it would be good to at least write somewhat about my experiences by writing my notes that will be distilled into minutes, as this provides useful and hopefully interesting content as well as a way to help me in collecting my thoughts to write concise minutes. Consider it a win-win proposition.

Tonight’s meeting began with our director speaking briefly about the history of our congregation’s club and how it was restarted with the promise that with 15 active members a club would be held. For tonight’s meeting, we had 21. He also commented on the fact that public speaking is a consistently high fear for Americans [1]. We then went over the goals and objectives of Spokesmen’s Club, namely Understanding, Speaking (Communication), and Brotherhood (Fellowship). I then passed out a roster sheet that let me know where people were at in speeches and whether they wanted a Ladies’ Night/Brunch and how much they were willing/able to pay per person. I will use this sort of information to figure out dues and that sort of thing.

After that our club passed two proposals, the first relating to how much we wanted to pay for dues based on the price of hall rental, and the second to allow me to assign refreshment duty to club members who were working and who could afford the small fee (about $10) for such refreshments. After that, one of the club members had an idea for the secretary to provide the topics master with a roster so that he could know all of the names of people in club because he might not know otherwise, in terms of introducing people to speak.

Following this came the topics session, which was given in a very elevated and thought-provoking fashion by one of the members of my dinner club circuit last season [2]. The questions ranged from questions about Ebola and the recent election to Darwinism as well as the meaning of the command to “watch and pray”. After this section the director gave his evaluation of the first half of the evening, in which he talked about how some sessions will have no business if it is properly set up at the beginning of the year. Additionally, he spoke at some length about the most important responsibility of someone answering a question in table topics: answering the question asked. Additionally, he urged us to cite scripture when answering questions that related to the Bible and also to respond to the core and essential parts of the question to keep the discussion on topic.

After a break, which I used to clarify the information filled in by a couple of our newer members, both of whom will be given a great deal of speaking assignments to help them along the process of development, we had an abbreviated speaking session in which three of our graduate club members showed admirable examples of the first three speeches, and also had evaluations given by other polished members that showed proper praise and also, most of the time, gave suggestions for improvement as well. There were no awards given, and after the close of the speeches the Director spoke again at some length about the preparation and purpose of Spokemen’s Club. He mentioned that club is designed, through its twelve speeches, to give exposure to every kind of speech that someone might be asked to give, from introductory remarks to teaching, inspiring, and even attacking purposes. Additionally, he reminded us that we need to read the manual to study and prepare to give a speech that will meet the purpose of the speech, and to give our speech ahead of time to someone to see how it will be received by our audience. In giving this advice he made extensive use of tonight’s third speaker, who gave his speech on the PREP method of preparing for a speech that he learned in a Portland Community College class that he is taking. After this, the meeting was dismissed.

[1] See, for example:

[2] See, for example:

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