Those Blurred Eyes

[Note: This post is a continuation from yesterday’s post about the same topic [1].]

So, today I had my eye appointment, and part of it went just about as expected. I had to fill out the usual “new patient” forms that discussed matters of my own personal health history, like allergies [2] or arthritis [3], and issues from my family, like strokes and heart problems and diabetes and the like. And of course, there is a lot of waiting, from filling out forms and waiting to do the initial tests (which included a really awesome camera photo of my eye that was a pain to take), to waiting to see the doctor (who happened to be named Dr. Hoo, ironically enough), to getting my pupils dilated and waiting for the doctor again. All in all, the process took between an hour and an hour and a half, all to convince me that my gut instincts were right that my vision had changed–but it was my left eye in particular that had gotten much worse.

There were a few things that went well–the optometrist was friendly and showed me some photos of the inside of my eye in all its glory. We talked about my astigmatism, which was borderline, and about the advances in contacts since 2003 and my last harrowing experiences with them. There were a lot of eye exams, most of which left me in tears because of my intense light sensitivity, and which required me to hold my eyes open, which was not an easy task and which required multiple efforts. The puffs of air blowing to test for glaucoma had to be done four times for my right eye because I kept blinking. Let’s face it, my eyes are not very accustomed or very appreciative of bright lights and puffs of anything going towards it. I suppose that will make the new contacts to try out an interesting experience. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow. It does give me the opportunity to be somewhat vain, though, which is not too common an occurrence.

Not everything went according to plan, though. Not only did I cry more than someone at the end of watching a Nicolas Sparks film adaptation marathon, but after finishing all of the tests and the waiting and the light-induced crying, I got a script for some new lenses to go along with the trial contacts, and then found out that I have to be a Costco member (which I am not) or be with a Costco member to purchase said lenses. That gives me something else to plan and work on. I suppose I never do manage to make life simple on myself, not even when driving at home with dilated pupils and all of the lights shining brightly and a bit fuzzy. But all is well, at least, for now, except for my blurry eyes, and hoping it will not be too difficult to get those contacts on in the morning.




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