Brand New Eyes

Since it has been a while since I last went to the eye doctor and I have noticed a bit more eye strain recently (which may be involved with the crazy-long shifts I have been working staring at excel spreadsheets), I have scheduled an appointment with the eye doctor, though I would prefer it if I’m not hacking up a lunch and have more of my normal voice back. For me, going to the eye doctor has always been an interesting experience, usually where pupil dilation has been involved and where I have wrestled with the practical demands of being extremely nearsighted, not able or inclined to spend huge amounts of money, but yet possessed of some vanity as far as my eyes were concerned. For a brief moment between the age of 17 and 22, I eschewed glasses for contacts, trying to find some way to improve my looks and preserve my vision, but the contacts at that time were not particularly satisfactory.

The reason why, perhaps unsurprisingly in my life, was a set of constraints that my eyes appeared to work under that made it tough on contacts to do a good job. The first set of contacts I wore were too thick and did not let enough oxygen in, which made my eyes grow blood vessels that damaged the cornea somewhat. The next set of contacts was designed to counteract this problem, but it ran into a different difficulty. While it was thin enough to avoid encouraging the growth of blood vessels, it was too weak to protect itself from being ripped to pieces in my right by a particularly strong astigmatism. It appears like most areas of my life, my eyes themselves force dangerous constraints on anything I stick in them, being prone to brokenness and damage as much as the rest of me, it would appear.

So, I do not know how tomorrow’s trip will go. Almost certainly I will end up with a new pair of glasses. That much seems like a given, since my eyes still have not found a resting spot. But what sort of corrective lenses will result is a bit of a mystery, although if it helps me see better and have fewer headaches it will be greatly appreciated. And of course, even if I am not a particularly vain person, I still want it to look good as well as work well. When it comes to my eyes, and what covers them, I must admit that I appreciate both practicality as well as attractiveness. At least I can do what I can while I have to deal with my dim eyes and their weaknesses. At any rate, we shall see how it goes tomorrow, and what kind of brand new eyes I end up with, assuming all works well.

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4 Responses to Brand New Eyes

  1. Cheryl says:

    Do you have tired un-rested eye face?

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