A Picture Of A Child At Play Is How I Feel Today

Yesterday was the Feast of Trumpets, and as is often the case in my life, there was a lot to ponder and a lot to think about. Among the more dramatic events of the day was my driving a lady to and from services who lives near where I work on the opposite side of Beaverton, in the Rock Creek area, who happens to have known my late maternal grandfather [1] when she spent three somewhat boring years living in Lakeland before she met her husband at the Feast of Tabernacles and engaged him after two dates, and married after knowing him for two months. In stark contrast to how that would have gone for most people, they remain happily married–and I heard a great deal about him as I drove her to and from services. Given the traffic, especially on the way home, that was quite a lot of talking, and it was a pleasure and a relief to realize that the person I was driving was not a total stranger but rather someone who was connected to my family and my own life by being from the same small part of the world. Sadly, I did not get her maiden name, because she did not remember my mom and my mom generally remembers other people very well. Since the woman is about a year younger than my father, at the time she lived in Lakeland my mom would have been a preteen, and few young adults (especially those who, like she was, are looking to marry) are going to take the time to get to know preteens, unless they are extremely friendly to everyone. Such people exist, but are not particularly common.

At services today there were some very great messages, as well as the ordination of a very excellent servant in the congregation to deacon. One message in particular stood out to me, the second split sermon of the morning service. The speaker compared the training of a Christian soldier to the difficulties of SEAL training, with the connecting theme that the character and competence that it takes to become either a SEAL or a Christian comes in the training. In looking at the various mental stress and interminable length of time that one has to deal with the refining process. For a variety of reasons, including a desire to protect the guilty parties involved, I generally don’t like to discuss my own stress, and the heroic efforts I have undertaken to try to demonstrate beyond all unreasonable doubts my own honor and integrity, except in passing [2]. At any rate, though, I was able to relate to the message on all levels, as a study of military history, as an allegory of Christian virtue, and as deeply and personally applicable to my present life. No doubt many others felt the same way also.

Yesterday was an odd day for me in some ways. One of them was the fact that even more than usual it was a day where I was surrounded by interesting company. Wherever I went, whether it was in the lunch line or helping with the setup for lunch, or going to vocal ensemble practice, I was surrounded by young ladies (some of them very young) who wanted to talk to me, be near me even if they did not want to talk, to play with my stuffed chick, or to draw pictures of me (one of which I was given as a gift, as it was a lovely picture of me with the family who sat beside me in the afternoon). I enjoyed the company, as long as those around me were quiet during services at least, but I felt a bit uncomfortable given the various evil glares that came my way for the company that kept following me around all day. I suppose having friendly and sweet people who want to share their new Bible or sing or talk enthusiastically and generally be friendly and outgoing is better than being around gossips and backbiters, if one has to choose one’s company. Sometimes, we pick the company that chooses us, even if it comes with complications.

[1] https://edgeinducedcohesion.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/obituary-jacob-franklin-snyder-koontz/

[2] See, for example:




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