So Hard To Resist Temptation

One of the more humorous quotes from Pride & Prejudice, and relevant to the day I had today, comes from Chapter 42 (Chapter 19 of Volume II of the book in its original publication), which reads as follows: “With the mention of Derbyshire, there were many ideas connected. It was impossible for her to see the word without thinking of Pemberley and its owner. “But surely,” said she, “I may enter his county with impunity, and rob it of a few petrified spars without his perceiving me.”” For those of us who connect people very closely with geography [1], it is hard for us to be in a particular area without feeling a certain sense of apprehension about being seen in what could very easily become an awkward meeting in the wrong place at the wrong time [2]. Yet that was not the only sort of temptation to show itself today.

At work this morning, I took my usual break and found that our coffee supplier had provided us with coffee and donuts to test if there were any new local blends that we would prefer. Now, there were four coffee pots on the table where I normally enjoy a peaceful break of reading, so after grabbing a powdered donut for myself, I originally thought to sit at the table with the donuts. I reasoned with myself, though, that it would be unwise to deliberately seek after such temptation, and so I turned the chair around and kept my back to the donuts and read in peace, since I could stare at coffee all day and never be tempted to drink it. Needless to say, my proficiency at eating led one of my coworkers to dare me to eat all of the donuts that were left, a challenge which I declined, since I wish to preserve what digestive health I possess, and eating lots of donuts in mid-morning just does not seem like a wise thing to do. So, consider that a temptation successfully avoided.

Not all temptations are as easy to avoid. My roommates and I have been on a tour of various all-you-can-eat Tuesday specials [3]. The two roommates, fatefully, went to a Cinetopia movie theater off of Mill Plain and 117th in Vancouver this afternoon, and I got a text about 1:30PM that said: 5:30 Cinetopia dinner. So, after I got out of work, I drove through the traffic in West and North Portland and then along WA-14 and then up to Mill Plain and over to the Cinetopia. So, how did dinner go? For one, I was able to rob some petrified spars of breadsticks from the restaurant without being noticed, which is better luck (if one wants to call it that) than Miss Bennet had when she went to the Peak District in Deberyshire and found herself visiting Pemberly. My roommates must have had something like that scene in mind, as they challenged me to visit my friends in the area, which I declined, knowing that a surprise visit would not be appreciated.

The dinner itself was nothing special. The pasta was dry, the white sauce was not very creamy, and the service was really attentive at first until we went back for a second and third round, and then they sort of forgot we were there and had not tipped them yet. Suffice it to say that I do not plan on eating at that particular place ever again. It’s not even the second best place I’ve eaten dinner at just off of Mill Plain in that part of town. I suppose that not all temptation is as easy to resist, even if there is no harm that comes from it. I suppose we must all struggle against our own vulnerabilities and be aware of what needs to be done as best as we can.

[1] See, for example:

[2] Not that this has ever happened to me before:

[3] See, for example:

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