Will Write For Food

Today for dinner I ended up enjoying a fine all you can eat taco dinner [1]. But that was not the first plan for tonight. Last week, after I had a particularly difficult day at work that involved about an hour and a half or so of overtime, my roommates wondered if I could devote an evening to eating pasta at a Cinetopia in Vancouver. I said I would, assuming I would be able to leave work by 3:30PM. Of course, last night, when I was looking up the location, I had the sudden thought that it might not be the safest place to be for me given my fortune [2]. So, in some ways, it was a bit of a relief when my roommates decided that we should go for a taco night, with all you can eat tacos (I ate 9 of them, the same as everyone else).

As it happens, this dinner was free to me in one way, but not in another. One of my roommates’ nieces is getting married in about a month and a half, and my roommate wants to attend, but unfortunately the ticket prices are outside of his price range because apparently Charleston is not a common destination for flights from Oregon. At any rate, my roommate wanted some writing that would draw interest (and help) to his attempt to reconnect with some long-separated family members, and given my own family situation, I could not help but empathize with the desire of someone to reconnect with a family that has been somewhat broken. I can relate all too well when I reflect upon my own..

Interestingly enough, this was the second meal that I enjoyed at a restaurant that I did not have to pay for. The other meal was a bit of a lark, but that is how life goes. This morning when I woke up, I was a bit tired. Okay, more than a bit tired. In fact, I was tired enough to have forgotten to pack most of my lunch to bring with me. I resolved, not wanting to starve myself during work, to go out to eat, even if I was a little bit irritated at my forgetfulness. As it happens, shortly after noon I ended up chatting with one of my coworkers who is in our Seattle office as well as a new trainee who had an epic experience of having driven all the way to Seattle for an interview that was supposed to be in Hillsboro. He was looking to eat some pho, and I happened to know a place that was close that I had never been to. We ended up eating together, having a good time, and it was picked up by the company credit card of our Seattle coworker. That’s good food at a good price–free. Scoring two free meals in a day is definitely something to be grateful for, and something to appreciate.

[1] See, for example:



[2] https://edgeinducedcohesion.wordpress.com/2014/04/20/just-my-luck/

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