Growing up in the country as I did, I remember seeing many butterflies as a child. It’s hard not to appreciate the lightness of butterflies, or forget that while caterpillars are not necessarily very beautiful animals, we must appreciate them because of their potential, because once they fight out of their cocoons they become immensely beautiful butterflies like the monarch and viceroy and purple hairstreak and green sulphur and numerous other kinds. The immense beauty of the butterflies is not harmed at all by their delicate nature of their bodies or of their fluttering.

One time while I was idly wasting time on Youtube, as I do from time to time while I am looking for something to listen to while I write or do various work, since I do not like to work in silence, and I came across a video where someone talked about some physics class in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. One of these included the superhuman strength of a group of butterflies in keeping one of the little ponies from a fatal fall from great heights. Butterflies are truly not that strong, but people watching My Little Pony probably are not looking for accurate physics modeling either.

A few years ago a former friend and I wrote a series of short stories about a fictional fantasy universe where butterflies served a useful if minor role. Butterflies would pester those who were being given divine judgement, and would alight upon those who were the recipients of divine favor. Butterflies, in general, are to be seen as exceedingly good things, for those who are loved by the innocent and beautiful can be said to be immensely blessed. And that is not limited merely to other humans, but even to the animal world as well. It makes at least some sense why an animal like a butterfly would be an excellent one to make a point about the mysterious workings of divine providence.

So why am I talking about butterflies today? For the first time in a very long time, maybe even ever, I have the pleasure of working with a young woman, lovely on the inside and outside, who gives me butterflies day in and day out, multiple times a day. I’m not experienced at all in that sort of thing, and I really appreciate it. I hope she does too. It’s just a really unusual feeling for me. I enjoy it, but it’s a bit nerve-wracking as well, when I think at how unfamiliar I am with this sort of matter.

At any rate, like many aspects of life butterflies are not only a physical matter but also have important symbolic and personal resonance with me. I suppose if you look hard enough anything, no matter how seemingly minor or trivial, can have unexpected depth and resonance. We ought to be sensitive to such matters lest we reject something as superficial without thought or concern or reflection. Obviously, feeling butterflies tends to make me thing of butterflies more often. We are not so compartmentalized as we think we are sometimes, if we are really honest with ourselves. I hope no one else minds, though.

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