Yippy Dog

Today I had the pleasure of trying to figure out why there was a German shepherd looking “talking dog” that yipped frequently chained to a tree near our kitchen. As the dog was making noises, and as none of us had been informed of who brought it or why, I figured it was something worth investigating. As it happened, the dog was acquired (by what means I do not know) by our driver, Surochai, and he was unable to take it immediately home (something about his own personal vehicle not being able to handle it). So for now, and for at least a few days, this shy and yippy but otherwise rather sweet dog (which I have been told is about a year old) is in our school grounds (hopefully) scaring away the feral cats.

At any rate, if that was not enough excitement for one day, one of the girls here (a first year student) made a reasonable request for a wardrobe that is not being used to be transferred to the girl’s dorm (which is upstairs above the computer room). Doing so required supervision, making sure the girls and boys weren’t upstairs at the same time (which is an offense worthy of immediate expulsion), and a lot of lifting (even by me) because the wardrobe was heavy and it wasn’t easy to get it upstairs up the spiral staircase. But, after a false start and some mighty efforts, about five of us were able to do it. Since the boys had half a dozen wardrobes in their dorms and the girls only had two, I figured it was fair that a wardrobe that was not being used should be moved over to the girls’ dorm.

So, a yippy dog and a moved wardrobe were the excitement for the day, as well as trying to find a way to get the students back to school on time in the late morning, so that they can eat, shower from their morning farm work and be able to get to class on time at 1PM. I suppose that is enough excitement for one day. For now I’m glad that I’m not sleeping in the Teacher’s House this week, because high pitched noises tend to wake me up, and I need all the good nights of sleep I can get.

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