Loot Collectors

I’m not going to lie; I like free stuff. I cannot suppose myself to be remotely alone in this, but I have always loved to collect free items. In fact, I am the sort of person who is quite willing to serve as (almost) free advertising for companies so long as they give me free items. This particular tendency has been marked for quite some time in my life, both in real life and in my “imaginary” pursuits.

I remember, for example, that in college I would love to visit job fairs in large part for loot. Sadly, most of the companies weren’t looking for people with my particular skills, but I always appreciated learning more about what they were up to, so that at least I knew their names and their lines of business and could speak intelligently about them if anyone asked where my tea cup or pen or notepad or stress ball came from (and I was always particularly fond of stress balls, seeing as I’m a bit of a stress pup with a frequent need to relax and unwind from the pressures of life).

Nor has this habit ceased in any way. As I have mentioned numerous times before, I am fond of a free online browser game called Star Wars Combine, in which I work as a logistics pilot traveling all around the lonely galaxy picking up raw materials to build ships and buildings and also ships and passengers and vehicles and droids. One of the main sources of my work is giveaways. In order to gain a good reputation it is common for governments and companies in the game (I work for a company myself, feeling myself better suited for private sector work and looking for personal profit, if for the benefit of society at large), companies will host yearly or so giveaways, and it just so happens that most of the people I work with (including myself) are fond of entering such giveaways and ending up with loot to collect. We are loot collectors, all.

For example, about a month ago there was a giveaway that ended up providing me with two Y-wing ships and two droids (including a much sought after R2 droid), after I won various prizes in a personal giveaway. Then I won another ship, a Star Saber, in a giveaway from a government with whom my company does business. I missed one giveaway but managed to get a YT-1300 from it afterward for being an idler in their IRC room to keep the member counts up. Another giveaway I missed because of my time zone, but four of my coworkers got ships that I am currently picking up. There is another giveaway going on right now that seven of my coworkers participated in that includes picking random ships from behind mysterious doors (hopefully no one wins a goat).

So, not only am I a loot collector, but I have also somehow managed to find, within an imaginary galaxy of people, a large group of like-minded people who enjoy collecting loot as much as I do. And then, being a logistics pilot, I get assigned to pick it all up. It’s ironic, in a way, that my love for trade and supply should find its fruit in an imaginary world, and possibly impact my own real world endeavors. Games are strange that way–sometimes they allow us to discover unusual aspects of our own personality that would otherwise be unknown.

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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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