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On The Three Types of Leavening

[Note:  I owe a great deal in my analysis of the three types of leavening to a friend of mine from my days in Los Angeles, Dr. Hoover, who was the first person I remember hearing discuss leavening beyond the … Continue reading

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Why Did The Ivory Coast Choose Bullets Over Ballots?

The choice of ballots or bullets is the most difficult one that faces any nascent democracy seeking to replace the arbitrary rule of tyrants with the constitutional rule of legitimate authorities who have received a mandate from voting or balloting.  … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Anti-Piracy Efforts, Tax Codes, Important Meetings, War Crimes, SSC Surveillance

Today is a relatively busy Somaliland update entry, as it has been a busy week for Somaliland, with international interest in its coast guard efforts against piracy, changes to the Somaliland tax code, anticipation of an important meeting with the … Continue reading

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